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Why A McLane Reel Mower?
McLane Reel Mowers are the ONLY engine-powered Reel Mowers Manufactured in America, by American Workers, using 99% American Components! ( With a goal of achieving 100% in 2024! )

McLane Mfg. has been in continuous operation since 1946, longer than any other American Mower Manufacturer. They have sold hundreds of thousands of reel mowers which are supported by readily available replacement parts, service support, and product knowledge.

All Models are available with your choice of Honda GX-Series or Briggs & Stratton XR-Series Commercial-Industrial Engines, both of which are considered to be the best small engines available!

So, Where are the other brands manufactured?

  • California Trimmer Reel Mowers are manufactured in China, using Chinese Workers and Chinese Components.

  • The Revolution 26 Reel Mower is manufactured in China for Masport, and private-labeled for Reel Rollers using Chinese workers and Chinese Components.

  • Rolux Reel Mowers are manufactured in South Africa, using South African workers and Components from ?

  • Swardman Reel Mowers are manufactured in the Czech Republic, using Czech workers and components from ?

    We have thousands of customers who purchased mowers from us, 15, 20, and even 30 or more years ago. The relationship with your reel mower will be a long one . . . We strongly suggest you buy from a reputable source you know will still be in business when you need parts and support!